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2017-06-01Self-reported confidence in patient safety knowledge among Australian undergraduate nursing students: A multi-site cross-sectional survey studyUsher, K; Woods, C; Parmenter, G; Hutchinson, M; Mannix, J; Power, T; Chaboyer, W; Latimer, S; Mills, J; Siegloff, L; Jackson, D
2017-12-01Pain associated with pressure injury: A qualitative study of community-based, home-dwelling individualsJackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K
-A mixed‐methods evaluation of an urban Aboriginal diabetes lifestyle programPower, T; East, L; Gao, Y; Usher, K; Jackson, D
2020-12-01Occupational exposure: rural Australian farmers’ sun-protective behavioursWoods, CE; O’Shea, E; Barrett, F; Bookallil, L; East, L; Usher, K
2020-01-01Outsiders in the Experts’ World: A Grounded Theory Study of Consumers and the Social World of Health CareChamberlain-Salaun, J; Usher, K; Mills, J
2020-06The COVID-19 pandemic and mental health impacts.Usher, K; Durkin, J; Bhullar, N
2020-06The impact of media sensationalism and crisis framing on stigma and negative attitudes towards methamphetamine users.Jones, R; Woods, C; Usher, K
2020-11Compassion fatigue in critical care nurses and its impact on nurse-sensitive indicators in Saudi Arabian hospitals.Alharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-04Invisible wounds and suicide: Moral injury and veteran mental health.Jamieson, N; Usher, K; Maple, M; Ratnarajah, D
2020-09Modes of Informed Caring: Perspectives of Health Professionals Who Are Mothers of Adult Children with Schizophrenia.Klages, D; East, L; Usher, K; Jackson, D
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