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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-09-01Fusing geometric features for skeleton-based action recognition using multilayer LSTM NetworksZhang, S; Yang, Y; Xiao, J; Liu, X; Xie, D; Zhuang, Y
2013-01-01Retrieval-based cartoon gesture recognition and applications via semi-supervised heterogeneous classifiers learningLiang, Z; Zhuang, Y; Yang, Y; Xiao, J
2015-06-01Structural behaviour of composite members with recycled aggregate concrete - An overviewLi, W; Xiao, J; Shi, C; Poon, CS
2011-09-15Learning a 3D human pose distance metric from geometric pose descriptorChen, C; Zhuang, Y; Nie, F; Yang, Y; Wu, F; Xiao, J
2012-07-01Crack propagation in recycled aggregate concrete under uniaxial compressive loadingXiao, J; Li, W; Sun, Z; Shah, SP
2012-06-01An overview of study on recycled aggregate concrete in China (1996-2011)Xiao, J; Li, W; Fan, Y; Huang, X
2018-05-01Cross-national variation in consumers’ retail channel selection in a multichannel environment: Evidence from Asia-Pacific countriesLu, Q; Pattnaik, C; Xiao, J; Voola, R
2012-10-01Interfacial transition zones in recycled aggregate concrete with different mixing approachesLi, W; Xiao, J; Sun, Z; Kawashima, S; Shah, SP
2009-01Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning Methodology Analysis for Asian Students in Australian UniversitiesLu, J; Chin, K; Yao, J; Xu, J; Xiao, J; al, MPE
2019-01-01Nanoengineering of 2D MXene-Based Materials for Energy Storage ApplicationsNan, J; Guo, X; Xiao, J; Li, X; Chen, W; Wu, W; Liu, H; Wang, Y; Wu, M; Wang, G
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