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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Know your mind: Adaptive cognitive activity recognition with reinforced CNNZhang X; Yao L; Wang X; Zhang W; Zhang S; Liu Y
2019-07-01Parameter identification of time-delayed nonlinear systems: An integrated method with adaptive noise correctionZhang X; Ji J; Xu J
2019-12-27Old drug repositioning and new drug discovery through similarity learning from drug-target joint feature spaces.Zheng Y; Peng H; Zhang X; Zhao Z; Gao X; Li J
2020CAME: Content- and Context-Aware Music Embedding for RecommendationWang D; Zhang X; Yu D; Xu G; Deng S
2019-01-01Increase in DNA damage by MYCN knockdown through regulating nucleosome organization and chromatin state in neuroblastomaHu X; Zheng W; Zhu Q; Gu L; Du Y; Han Z; Zhang X; Carter DR; Cheung BB; Qiu A; Jiang C
2019-01-21LncRNA-disease association prediction based on neighborhood information aggregation in neural networkChen H; Wang X; Zhang X; Zeng X; Song T; Rodriguez-Paton A
2019-07Identification of Neuromuscular Causal Relationship Between Brain and Muscles in Limb Movement by Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition based Causal Decomposition.Zhang Y; Yao D; Tie Y; Wang Y; Zhang X; Cui Y; Hao J; Wu X; Su S; Xu P
2019-01Heterogeneous Integrated MEMS Inertial Switch with Electrostatic Locking and Compliant Cantilever Stationary Electrode for Holding Stable ‘on’-StateZhang X; Shi J; Zhu X; Wang Y; Chen J; Ding G; Yang Z
2020-03Contribution of antibiotics to the fate of antibiotic resistance genes in anaerobic treatment processes of swine wastewater: A review.Cheng D; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Wang Chang S; Duc Nguyen D; Liu Y; Zhang X; Shan X; Liu Y
2020-05Selective carbon sources and salinities enhance enzymes and extracellular polymeric substances extrusion of Chlorella sp. for potential co-metabolism.Vo HNP; Ngo HH; Guo W; Liu Y; Woong Chang S; Nguyen DD; Zhang X; Liang H; Xue S
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