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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2003Transient performance study of a brushless doubly fed twin stator induction generatorBasic, D; Zhu, JG; Boardman, G
13-Jul-2016ADRC-based model predictive current control for PMSMs fed by three-phase four-switch invertersTeng, QF; Li, GF; Zhu, JG; Guo, YG; Li, SY
1994Numerical modelling of magnetic materials for computer aided design of electromagnetic devicesZhu, JG
1-Apr-2017Optimization ofiron core design for permanent-magnet synchronous machines with three-segment Halbach magnet arrayWang, AY; Zhu, JG; Shang, YQ
1-Jul-2017Analysis of characteristics of power losses and efficiency of amorphous alloy permanent magnet motorZhu, LF; Zhu, JG; Tong, WM; Han, XY
20-Apr-2017Double-ended technique for distinguishing series faults from shunt faults on transmission lines using the sequential components of impedanceMahamedi, B; Zhu, JG
26-Nov-2018Analysis of fault response of inverter-interfaced distributed generators in sequence networksMahamedi, B; Zhu, JG; Eskandari, M; Li, L; Mehrizi-Sani, A
1-Jan-2015Comparative cost-based analysis of a novel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with conventional and hybrid electric vehiclesSalisa, AR; Walker, PD; Zhang, N; Zhu, JG
1-Jan-2002Magnetic field calculation of claw pole permanent magnet machines using magnetic network methodGuo, YG; Zhu, JG
15-May-2005Effect of doping on flux pinning of Gd Ba <inf>2</inf>Cu <inf>3</inf>O <inf>7-y</inf>Zhang, L; Xu, XB; Ding, SY; Zheng, MH; Xiao, L; Ren, HT; Jiao, YL; Wang, XL; Lin, ZW; Zhu, JG
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