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2009Patterns of water and heat flux across a biome gradient from tropical forest to savanna in BrazilRocha, H; Manzi, A; Cabral, O; Miller, S; Goulden, M; Saleska, S; Restrepo Coupe, N; Wofsy, S; Borma, L; Artaxo, P; Vourlitis, G; Nogueira, J; Cardoso, F; Nobre, A; Kruijt, B; Freitas, H; von Randow, C; Aguiar, R; Maia, J
2013-12-15What drives the seasonality of photosynthesis across the Amazon basin? A cross-site analysis of eddy flux tower measurements from the Brasil flux networkRestrepo-Coupe, N; da Rocha, HR; Hutyra, LR; da Araujo, AC; Borma, LS; Christoffersen, B; Cabral, OMR; de Camargo, PB; Cardoso, FL; da Costa, ACL; Fitzjarrald, DR; Goulden, ML; Kruijt, B; Maia, JMF; Malhi, YS; Manzi, AO; Miller, SD; Nobre, AD; von Randow, C; Sá, LDA; Sakai, RK; Tota, J; Wofsy, SC; Zanchi, FB; Saleska, SR
2014-06-15Mechanisms of water supply and vegetation demand govern the seasonality and magnitude of evapotranspiration in Amazonia and CerradoChristoffersen, BO; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Arain, MA; Baker, IT; Cestaro, BP; Ciais, P; Fisher, JB; Galbraith, D; Guan, X; Gulden, L; van den Hurk, B; Ichii, K; Imbuzeiro, H; Jain, A; Levine, N; Miguez-Macho, G; Poulter, B; Roberti, DR; Sakaguchi, K; Sahoo, A; Schaefer, K; Shi, M; Verbeeck, H; Yang, ZL; Araújo, AC; Kruijt, B; Manzi, AO; da Rocha, HR; von Randow, C; Muza, MN; Borak, J; Costa, MH; Gonçalves de Gonçalves, LG; Zeng, X; Saleska, SR
2013-12-15Surface ecophysiological behavior across vegetation and moisture gradients in tropical South AmericaBaker, IT; Harper, AB; da Rocha, HR; Denning, AS; Araújo, AC; Borma, LS; Freitas, HC; Goulden, ML; Manzi, AO; Miller, SD; Nobre, AD; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Saleska, SR; Stöckli, R; von Randow, C; Wofsy, SC
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