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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-11Descriptor Selection Improvements for Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships.Xia, L-Y; Wang, Q-Y; Cao, Z; Liang, Y
2019-12-09Model predictive virtual power control of brushless doubly-fed induction generator for fast and smooth grid synchronisationWei, X; Cheng, M; Luo, R; Xu, L; Zhu, J
2019Further predictors of Lidcombe Program treatment timeMacMillan, V; Sheedy, S; Onslow, M
2011-06-15Deployment of an Agent-based Sensor-Actor Network Architecture for Surgical TrainingChiu, C
2017Balanced leadership: A new perspective of leadership in organizational project managementMüller, R; Packendorff, J; Sankaran, S; Sankaran, S; Müller, R; Drouin, N
2020-03-01Multiagent-Based Transactive Energy Management Systems for Residential Buildings with Distributed Energy ResourcesNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Fernandez, E
2020-03-01A Vehicle-to-Microgrid Framework with Optimization-Incorporated Distributed EV Coordination for a Commercial NeighborhoodRahman, MS; Hossain, MJ; Lu, J; Rafi, FHM; Mishra, S
2019-01-23Dynamic Cutting: a new method of experimental pattern cutting using metaphor to activate tacit knowledge of material creativity and spatial creativitySgro, D
2019-01-01Managing privacy through key performance indicators when photos and videos are shared via social mediaMadhisetty, S; Williams, MA
2019-09Decline in Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Following Anthracyclines Predicts Trastuzumab Cardiotoxicity.Goel, S; Liu, J; Guo, H; Barry, W; Bell, R; Murray, B; Lynch, J; Bastick, P; Chantrill, L; Kiely, BE; Abdi, E; Rutovitz, J; Asghari, R; Sullivan, A; Harrison, M; Kohonen-Corish, M; Beith, J
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