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2010-10-01Free ig light chains interact with sphingomyelin and are found on the surface of myeloma plasma cells in an aggregated formHutchinson, AT; Ramsland, PA; Jones, DR; Agostino, M; Lund, ME; Jennings, CV; Bockhorni, V; Yuriev, E; Edmundson, AB; Raison, RL
2009-11-30Identifying embodied metaphors in children's sound-action mappingsBakker, S; Antle, AN; Van Den Hoven, E
2011-11-14Assessing musculo-articular stiffness using free oscillations: Theory, measurement and analysisDitroilo, M; Watsford, M; Murphy, A; De Vito, G
2019-09-01Micromechanical Modeling of Effective Orthotropic Elastic and Viscoelastic Properties of Parallel Strand Lumber Using the Morphological ApproachMalek, S; Nadot-Martin, C; Tressou, B; Dai, C; Vaziri, R
2008-05-27Mobile user needs: Efficient transactionsEl-Kiki, T; Lawrence, E
2017-12Introduction to Disability, Rights and Law Reform in Australia: Pushing Beyond Legal FuturesSteele, LR; Beaupert, F; Gooding, P
2016-01-01Plasma levels of endothelial and B-cell-derived microparticles are restored by fingolimod treatment in multiple sclerosis patientsZinger, A; Latham, SL; Combes, V; Byrne, S; Barnett, MH; Hawke, S; Grau, GE
2004Ribs (bench); Pila (seat); Strip (screen)Lie, S; Brian Parkes
2011-02-01Preparation and characterisation of TiO <inf>2</inf> nanoparticle and titanate nanotube obtained from Ti-salt flocculated sludge with drinking water and seawaterKim, JH; Okour, Y; Yang, HS; Kim, JB; Shon, HK
2007-01Plant Breeder's Rights and Contract Growing in the Pasture Seeds IndustryReynolds, R
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