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2020-05Cost-Effectiveness of Radiofrequency Denervation for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: The MINT Randomized Clinical Trials.Maas, ET; Juch, JNS; Ostelo, RWJG; Groeneweg, JG; Kallewaard, J-W; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP; van Dongen, JM; van Tulder, MW; Huygen, FJPM
2020-02-01Tuning aggregation-induced emission nanoparticle properties under thin film formationTavakoli, J; Pye, S; Reza, AHMM; Xie, N; Qin, J; Raston, CL; Tang, BZ; Tang, Y
2021Crises of Capital and Climate: Three Contradictions and Prospects for ContestationGoodman, J; Anderson, J; Goodman, J; Hosseini, H; Motta, S; Gills, B
2019-01-01The Effect of Endogenous Opioids on the Peripheral Modulation of Breathlessness in People with Moderate to Severe COPDEkstrom, MP; Hunt, T; Louw, S; Eckert, DJ; Allcroft, P; To, T; Krajnik, M; Mahler, DA; Currow, D
2020-03-01Effects of Uniaxial Stress along Different Directions on Alternating Magnetic Properties of Silicon Steel SheetsDou, Y; Li, Y; Zhang, C; Yue, S; Zhu, J
2019-09-01A fault-tolerant hybrid cascaded H-bridge topologyMhiesan, H; Mantooth, A; Siwakoti, YP
2020-09Children's understanding of habitual behaviour.Goldwater, MB; Gershman, SJ; Moul, C; Ludowici, C; Burton, A; Killer, B; Kuhnert, R-L; Ridgway, K
2020-04-20Role of Oxidative Stress in Complexity of Respiratory DiseasesGhadiri, M; Yung, AE; Haghi, M; Maurya, P; Dua, K
2020Clinical impact of data feedback at lung cancer multidisciplinary team meetings: A mixed methods study.Stone, E; Rankin, NM; Vinod, SK; Nagarajah, M; Donnelly, C; Currow, DC; Fong, KM; Phillips, JL; Shaw, T
2020-02-01Cooperative Computing Anytime, Anywhere: Ubiquitous Fog ServicesLyu, X; Ren, C; Ni, W; Tian, H; Liu, RP
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