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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-01Incremental capacity analysis and differential voltage analysis based state of charge and capacity estimation for lithium-ion batteriesZheng, L; Zhu, J; Lu, DDC; Wang, G; He, T
2018-07-01“Bellows spring-shaped” ultrasensitive fiber-optic Fabry-Perot interferometric strain sensorJia, P; Fang, G; Li, Z; Liang, H; Hong, Y; Liang, T; Xiong, J
2018-07A multi-objective framework for multi-area economic emission dispatchNarimani, H; Razavi, S-E; Azizivahed, A; Naderi, E; Fathi, M; Ataei, MH; Narimani, MR
2018-08-01Market reactions to auditor switches under regulatory consent and market driven regimesFerguson, A; Lam, P; Ma, N
2019The Dynamic MetaphorLuscombe D; Luscombe D; Hobhouse N; Thomas H
2019-01-01Drug Delivery from Polymer-Based Nanopharmaceuticals—Simulations of Selected Diffusion ProcessesRickert W; Morozova A; Müller WH; Vilchevskaya EN; Ben-Nissan B; Macha I
2019-10-01Cost-Effectiveness of a Psycho-Educational Intervention Targeting Fear of Cancer Recurrence in People Treated for Early-Stage MelanomaDieng M; Khanna N; Kasparian NA; Costa DSJ; Butow PN; Menzies SW; Mann GJ; Cust AE; Morton RL
2019-01-28On Ordered Weighted Logarithmic Averaging Operators and Distance MeasuresAlfaro-Garcia VG; Merigó JM; Plata-Pérez L; Calderón GGA
2019-01-28Triangular Fuzzy Partitioned Bonferroni Mean Operators and Their Application to Multiple Attribute Decision MakingVerma R; Merigó JM; Mittal N
2018-06-01A copula sample selection model for predicting multi-year LGDs and Lifetime Expected LossesKrüger, S; Oehme, T; Rösch, D; Scheule, H
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