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2020-02-01Asymmetric transversal patch loaded microstrip line based 1-D periodic structure with flexible selection of stopband resonanceShahid I; Thalakotuna DN; Karmokar DK; Heimlich M
2020-03Supercool sulfur.Zhou D; Wang G
2020-06-24Break or stay in prior interantionalization portfolio? The impacts of negative performance gap and top management team’s experience on new country entries.Li W; Guo B; Gu J; Hu W
2020-04-01Cissampelos sympodialis and Warifteine Suppress Anxiety-Like Symptoms and Allergic Airway Inflammation in Acute Murine Asthma ModelBezerra-Santos CR; Bondarenko E; Essilfie AT; Nair PM; Horvat JC; Barbosa-Filho JM; Piuvezam MR; Nalivaiko E; Hansbro PM
2020-08-20Circulating histone signature of human lean metabolic-associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD).Buzova D; Maugeri A; Liguori A; Napodano C; Lo Re O; Oben J; Alisi A; Gasbarrini A; Grieco A; Cerveny J; Miele L; Vinciguerra M
2020-01Classification of Lung Nodules Based on Deep Residual Networks and Migration Learning.Wu P; Sun X; Zhao Z; Wang H; Pan S; Schuller B
2021-01-20An empirical analysis of financial markets and instruments influencing the low-carbon electricity production transitionXie N; Hu H; Fang D; Shi X; Luo S; Burns K
2020-11-18Test book 2020-11-18Heydon G
2020Direct assimilation of measured soil water content in Root Zone Water Quality Model calibration for deficit-irrigated maizeSima MW; Fang QX; Qi Z; Yu Q
2020-06-16Simulation of bimolecular reactions: Numerical challenges with the graph LaplacianMacnamara S; Blanes S; Iserles A
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