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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-06The Application of Heat Stress to Team Sports: Football/Soccer, Australian Football and RugbySlattery K; Coutts A
2019-11-07Organisational communication as trespass: a patient safety perspectiveDebono, D; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2019-01-01Reaction Networks, Oscillatory Motifs and Parameter Estimation in Biochemical SystemsSchreiber I; Muzika F; Červený J; Ceska M; Paoletti N
2019-11Variedly connected 1,8-naphthalimide-7-chloroquinoline conjugates: Synthesis, anti-mycobacterial and cytotoxic evaluationShalini; Johansen MD; Kremer L; Kumar V
2019-09-23A customer-based-strategy to minimize the cost of energy consumption by optimal utilization of energy resources in an apartment buildingRafique S; Nizami MSH; Irshad UB; Hossain MJ; Town GE
2019-05-15A New Grid-support Strategy with PV Units to Enhance Short-term Voltage StabilityIslam M; Mithulananthan N; Hossain MJ; Bhumkittipich K
2019-06-01A Multi-agent system based residential electric vehicle management system for grid-support serviceNizami MSH; Hossain MJ; Rafique S; Mahmud K; Irshad UB; Town G
2018-06-15Identifying key meteorological factors to yield variation of potato and the optimal planting date in the agro-pastoral ecotone in North ChinaTang, J; Wang, J; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yin, H; He, D; Pan, X
2019-07-01Minimum cost design of 5G networks with UAVs, tree-based optical backhauling, micro-generation and batteriesChiaraviglio L; D'Andreagiovanni F; Idzikowski F; Vasilakos AV
2019-01-01Increasing flexibility of employees in production processes using the differential learning approach – adaptation and validation of motor learning theoriesWeisner K; Knittel M; Jaitner T; Deuse J
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