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24-Dec-2018The impact of social versus individual learning for agents' risk perception during epidemicsAbdulkareem, SA; Augustijn, EW; Musial, K; Mustafa, YT; Filatova, T
1-Dec-2018Adaptive community detection incorporating topology and content in social networks<sup>✰</sup>Qin, M; Jin, D; Lei, K; Gabrys, B; Musial-Gabrys, K
1-Aug-2018Change point detection in social networksCritical review with experimentsKendrick, L; Musial, K; Gabrys, B
8-Feb-2019Data analytics enhanced data visualization and interrogation with parallel coordinates plotsAkbar, MS; Gabrys, B
1-Feb-2018Research and application of a combined model based on variable weight for short term wind speed forecastingLi, H; Wang, J; Lu, H; Guo, Z
2019Semi-Persistent Resource Allocation Based on Traffic Prediction for Vehicular CommunicationsChu, P; Zhang, JA; Wang, X; Fang, G; Wang, D
1-Dec-2019L-DOPA causes mitochondrial dysfunction in vitro: A novel mechanism of L-DOPA toxicity uncoveredGiannopoulos, S; Samardzic, K; Raymond, BBA; Djordjevic, SP; Rodgers, KJ
6-Jan-2020Secondary source and error sensing strategies for the active control of sound transmission through a small openingZhang, C; Qin, M; Zou, H; Qiu, X
1-Jun-2019A self-adaptive artificial bee colony algorithm with local search for TSK-type neuro-fuzzy system trainingChou, KP; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
1-Jan-2019Structure, stability and water adsorption on ultra-thin TiO<inf>2</inf> supported on TiNGutiérrez Moreno, JJ; Fronzi, M; Lovera, P; O'Riordan, A; Ford, MJ; Li, W; Nolan, M
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