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2020-01-01A state-of-the-art protocol to minimize the internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis membranesArjmandi, M; Peyravi, M; Altaee, A; Arjmandi, A; Pourafshari Chenar, M; Jahanshahi, M; Binaeian, E
2018-06-15Spheroids-on-a-chip: Recent advances and design considerations in microfluidic platforms for spheroid formation and cultureMoshksayan, K; Kashaninejad, N; Warkiani, ME; Lock, JG; Moghadas, H; Firoozabadi, B; Saidi, MS; Nguyen, NT
2018Pedagogies and curricula of everyday food practices : a critical ethnographic approachSebastian, Tarunna
2018-09-02The relative impact of corporate reputation on consumer choice: beyond a halo effectBurke, PF; Dowling, G; Wei, E
2019-04-15Modeling for chaotic time series based on linear and nonlinear framework: Application to wind speed forecastingJiang, P; Wang, B; Li, H; Lu, H
2019-10-06Advanced gravitational search algorithm with modified exploitational strategyLing, S; Khan, T; Sanagavarapu, A
2019-08-12Suppression of spectral diffusion by anti-Stokes excitation of quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitrideTran, TT; Bradac, C; Solntsev, AS; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2019-03-01Key parameter design and analysis of flux reversal linear rotary permanent magnet actuatorGuo, K; Guo, Y
2018-07-01Delivering sustainability in supply networks: Achieving networked multi-stakeholder collaborationsJosserand, E; Kaine, S; Nikolova, N
2019A Control System for Stable Operation of Autonomous Networked MicrogridsEskandari, M; Li, L; Moradi, MH; Wang, F; Blaabjerg, F
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