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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Toward Optimal FDM Toolpath Planning with Monte Carlo Tree SearchYoo, C; Lensgraf, S; Fitch, R; Clemon, LM; Mettu, R
18-Aug-2019The effects of peer judgements on teamwork and self-assessment ability in collaborative group workSridharan, B; Boud, D
2-Jan-2020Using principles of authentic assessment to redesign written examinations and testsVillarroel, V; Boud, D; Bloxham, S; Bruna, D; Bruna, C
2-Jan-2019What makes for effective feedback: staff and student perspectivesDawson, P; Henderson, M; Mahoney, P; Phillips, M; Ryan, T; Boud, D; Molloy, E
3-Oct-2018Examining the nature and effects of feedback dialogueAjjawi, R; Boud, D
17-Nov-2018The development of student feedback literacy: enabling uptake of feedbackCarless, D; Boud, D
23-Feb-2019Exploring cultures of feedback practice: the adoption of learning-focused feedback practices in the UK and AustraliaWinstone, N; Boud, D
4-Feb-2020FKBPL-based peptide, ALM201, targets angiogenesis and cancer stem cells in ovarian cancerAnnett, S; Moore, G; Short, A; Marshall, A; McCrudden, C; Yakkundi, A; Das, S; McCluggage, WG; Nelson, L; Harley, I; Moustafa, N; Kennedy, CJ; deFazio, A; Brand, A; Sharma, R; Brennan, D; O’Toole, S; O’Leary, J; Bates, M; O’Riain, C; O’Connor, D; Furlong, F; McCarthy, H; Kissenpfennig, A; McClements, L; Robson, T
1-Sep-2016Shorting at close range: A tale of two typesComerton-Forde, C; Jones, CM; Putniņš, TJ
18-Aug-2019The impact of oral English proficiency on humanitarian migrants’ experiences of settling in AustraliaBlake, HL; Bennetts Kneebone, L; McLeod, S
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