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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Nondestructive evaluation of ferromagnetic critical water pipes using pulsed eddy current testingUlapane, Abeykoon Mudiyanselage Nalika Navin Bandara
2020-07-01Short video game play improves executive function in the oldest old living in residential careMcCord, A; Cocks, B; Barreiros, AR; Bizo, LA
2019-11-01Stochastic Path Planning for Autonomous Underwater Gliders with Safety ConstraintsYoo, C; Anstee, S; Fitch, R
2020-04-07Advance Research Directives: Legal and Ethical Issues and Insights from a National Survey of Dementia Researchers in AustraliaRies, N; Mansfield, E; Sanson-Fisher, R
2020-05-15Recent developments in forward osmosis membranes using carbon-based nanomaterialsYadav, S; Saleem, H; Ibrar, I; Naji, O; Hawari, AA; Alanezi, AA; Zaidi, SJ; Altaee, A; Zhou, J
2016Microparticles isolated from multiple myeloma patients are indicative of tumor burden, disease progression and treatment unresponsivenessRajeev Krishnan, Sabna
2020-02-01Dimensional accuracy, flowability, wettability, and porosity in inkjet 3DP for gypsum and cement mortar materialsShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G; Sanjayan, J
2020-03-01Visible and UV photocatalysis of aqueous perfluorooctanoic acid by TiO<inf>2</inf> and peroxymonosulfate: Process kinetics and mechanistic insightsXu, B; Ahmed, MB; Zhou, JL; Altaee, A
2020-04-10Microbial fuel cell-based biosensor for online monitoring wastewater quality: A critical reviewDo, MH; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Chang, SW; Nguyen, DD; Liu, Y; Varjani, S; Kumar, M
2019-11-01A structural model for investigating the driving and dependence power of supply chain risks in the readymade garment industryChowdhury, NA; Ali, SM; Mahtab, Z; Rahman, T; Kabir, G; Paul, SK
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