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2015Organisational transitions to sustainability : a multi-level perspective analysis of a single case study to explore the impact of sustainability activities on organisational advancement to sustainabilityOlesson, EE
2020-04-02Pesticides in aquatic environments and their removal by adsorption methods.Mojiri, A; Zhou, JL; Robinson, B; Ohashi, A; Ozaki, N; Kindaichi, T; Farraji, H; Vakili, M
2016MFL based advanced condition assessment for aged cast iron pipesWijerathna Mudiyanselage, Buddhi Sachith
2019-03-01Safety training and positive safety attitude formation in the Australian construction industryLoosemore, M; Malouf, N
2020-06-01Influence of graphene oxide lateral size on the properties and performances of forward osmosis membraneAkther, N; Yuan, Z; Chen, Y; Lim, S; Phuntsho, S; Ghaffour, N; Matsuyama, H; Shon, H
2020-02-01Dynamic variability of the phytoplankton electron requirement for carbon fixation in eastern Australian watersHughes, DJ; Crosswell, JR; Doblin, MA; Oxborough, K; Ralph, PJ; Varkey, D; Suggett, DJ
2020-03The effect of energy recovery device and feed flow rate on the energy efficiency of reverse osmosis processAlanezi, AA; Altaee, A; Sharif, AO
2020-03-01A paradoxical academic life: What we can learn from having the ‘end’ in sightYoo, J
2020-08-30Role of knock-on in electron beam induced etching of diamondFronzi, M; Bishop, J; Assadi, MHN; Regan, B; Stampfl, C; Aharonovich, I; Ford, MJ; Toth, M
2017A sui generis regime for the protection of Traditional Knowledge : what can we learn from India and Peru in the design and implementation of a nationally consistent framework for the protection of Traditional Knowledge in Australia?Wright, Evana Alexandra
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