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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Qualitative Evaluation of Evidence-Based Online Decision Aid and Resources for Osteoarthritis Management: Understanding Patient Perspectives.Jeon Y-H; Flaherty I; Urban H; Wortley S; Dickson C; Salkeld G; Hunter DJ
2020-04-07"Standing Shoulder to Shoulder to Tell the Family What Was Really Going On": A Qualitative Study Exploring Palliative Care Clinicians' Perceptions of "Patient-Centered Family Meetings".Cahill PJ; Lobb EA; Sanderson CR; Phillips JL
2019A k-NN Classification based VR User Verification using Eye Movement and Ocular BiomechanicsIskander J; Abobakr A; Attia M; Saleh K; Nahavandi D; Hossny M; Nahavandi S
2019-09Early Enteral Nutrition Within 24 Hours of Lower Gastrointestinal Surgery Versus Later Commencement for Length of Hospital Stay and Postoperative Complications.Levett-Jones T
2016-03-01The design thinking mindset: An assessment of what we know and what we see in practiceSchweitzer J; Groeger L; Sobel L
2019-03-01The Food Network's Heartland Kitchens: Cooking up neoconservative comfort in the United StatesDejmanee T
2019-09-01Effect of unit cell arrangements in near field transformation lattice on aperture efficiency of resonant cavity antennaShrestha S; Mohamadzade B; Baba AA; Hashmi RM
2019High Frame Rate Photorealistic Flame Rendering via Generative Adversarial NetworksAttia M; Abobakr A; Wei L; Saleh K; Iskander J; Zhou H; Nahavandi D; Hossny M; Nahavandi S
2019From car sickness to autonomous car sickness: A reviewIskander J; Attia M; Saleh K; Nahavandi D; Abobakr A; Mohamed S; Asadi H; Khosravi A; Lim CP; Hossny M
2019-10Secure and Robust Identification via Classical-Quantum ChannelsBoche H; Deppe C; Winter A
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