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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-01The Uses and Enchantments of the Writer's NotebookFalconer D
2019Embedding strategies to support students’ growth mindset attitude towards ‘making mistakes’ in first year visual communication courseBachfischer G
2019-04-05Two-thirds of all fractures are not attributable to osteoporosis and advancing age: implication for fracture prevention.Mai HT; Tran TS; Ho-Le TP; Center JR; Eisman JA; Nguyen TV
2020-04-14Cell surface processing of the P1 adhesin of Mycoplasma pneumoniae identifies novel domains that bind host molecules.Widjaja, M; Berry, IJ; Jarocki, VM; Padula, MP; Dumke, R; Djordjevic, SP
2020-02-23Throughput Analysis of Buffer-Aided Decode-and-Forward Wireless Relaying with RF Energy Harvesting.Huynh P; Phan KT; Liu B; Ross R
2019-03Work and SCI: a pilot randomized controlled study of an online resource for job-seekers with spinal cord dysfunction.Dorstyn D; Roberts R; Murphy G; Craig A; Kneebone I; Stewart P; Chur-Hansen A; Marshall R; Clark J; Migliorini C
2020-04-17STEAM games are good for learning: A study of teachers professional development in the PhilippinesHunter, J; Fitzgerald, T; Schmidt-Crawford, D
2020-01Relational proofs for quantum programsBarthe G; Hsu J; Ying M; Yu N; Zhou L
2019Multimodal behavioral and physiological signals as indicators of cognitive loadZhou J; Yu K; Chen F; Wang Y; Arshad SZ; Oviatt S; Schuller B; Cohen P; Sonntag D; Potamianos G; Krueger A
2020Biomimetic Middleware Design Principles for IoT InfrastructuresChaczko Z; Klempous R; Rozenblit J; Adegbija T; Chiu C; Kluwak K; Smutnick C
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