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2019-06-17Nitrogen deprivation induces triacylglycerol accumulation, drug tolerance and hypervirulence in mycobacteria.Santucci P; Johansen MD; Point V; Poncin I; Viljoen A; Cavalier J-F; Kremer L; Canaan S
2020-04-24A bistable galloping energy harvester for enhanced concurrent wind and base vibration energy harvesting (Conference Presentation)Zhao L
2020-04-24Engaging the Public in Codes of PracticeWilding D; Lee K
2019Applying and communicating indigenous land management knowledge systems and practices to climate change adaptationAllan P; Bryant M; Yarina L
2020-03-05Perspectives for Glyco-Engineering of Recombinant Biopharmaceuticals from Microalgae.Barolo L; Abbriano RM; Commault AS; George J; Kahlke T; Fabris M; Padula MP; Lopez A; Ralph PJ; Pernice M
2019-05-20Insights from the revised complete genome sequences of Acinetobacter baumannii strains AB307-0294 and ACICU belonging to global clone 1 and 2Hamidian M; Wick R; Hartstein R; Judd L; Holt K; Hall R
2007-01Intelligent Agents for Educational EnvironmentsChaczko ZC; Chiu CC; Akiyama H
2019Participatory and Deliberative Practitioners in Australia: How Work Context Creates Different Types of PractitionersChristensen H
2020-06-01'360 Degree Deliberative Interviewing' and Ethnography to Increase Validity and InsightsMacnamara J
2020-01Stress Memory in Seagrasses: First Insight Into the Effects of Thermal Priming and the Role of Epigenetic Modifications.Nguyen HM; Kim M; Ralph PJ; Marín-Guirao L; Pernice M; Procaccini G
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