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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-03-01Sufficient or insufficient: Assessment of the intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) of the world's major greenhouse gas emittersGao G; Chen M; Wang J; Yang K; Xian Y; Shi X; Wang K
2008-01Intelligent Tele-Homecare: The Application of Soft-Computing Models in Sensor Agent Network SystemsChaczko ZC; Chiu CC; Gonzales H; Herdy M; Joulian M; Muckle N; Plume A
2019-05-15Predicting Air Quality by Integrating a Mesoscopic Traffic Simulation Model and Simplified Air Pollutant Estimation ModelsMihăiţă AS; Ortiz MB; Camargo M; Cai C
2019-09-01Are pregnant women with asthma receiving guideline-recommended antenatal asthma management?- A survey of pregnant women in AustraliaMclaughlin K; Jensen M; Foureur M; Gibson P; Murphy V
2019-12Dynamics of Prolyl Hydroxylases Levels During Disease Progression in Experimental Colitis.Bakshi HA; Mishra V; Satija S; Mehta M; Hakkim FL; Kesharwani P; Dua K; Chellappan DK; Charbe NB; Shrivastava G; Rajeshkumar S; Aljabali AA; Al-Trad B; Pabreja K; Tambuwala MM
2020Effects of Personality Traits on User Trust in Predictive Decision MakingZhou J; Luo S; Chen F
2017-11Assessment of a Multi-Agent RFID Platform for Industrial Logistic OperationsChiu C; Chaczko Z; Yu Z; Chaczko Z; Pichler F; Jiang F; Chiu C
2020-04-30Engaging the Public in Codes of PracticeLee K; Wilding D
2019-06-08An applied quantum hoare logicZhou L; Yu N; Ying M; McKinley KS; Fisher K
2018-05-01Membrane capacitive deionisation as an alternative to the 2nd pass for seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant for bromide removalDorji, P; Choi, J; Kim, DI; Phuntsho, S; Hong, S; Shon, HK
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