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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2014Being social: Missing pre-requisites for online engagement, exchange and inclusionMacnamara, JR; Bossio, D
5-Dec-2015A new class of draw solutions for minimizing reverse salt flux to improve forward osmosis desalinationNguyen, HT; Nguyen, NC; Chen, SS; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Li, CW
1-Sep-2017Guest Editorial to the special issue ‘Politics of Anticipation: On knowing and governing environmental futures’Granjou, C; Walker, J; Salazar, JF
Jan-2004Corporatizing knowledge: work-based learning at the University of Technology, SydneySolomon, N; Gustavs, JL; Michelson, E; Mandell, A
2014The Rise and Fall of IPRA in Australia: 1959 to 2000Macnamara, JR; Watson, T
1-Jan-2015FKBPL: A marker of good prognosis in breast cancerNelson, L; McKeen, HD; Marshall, A; Mulrane, L; Starczynski, J; Storr, SJ; Lanigan, F; Byrne, C; Arthur, K; Hegarty, S; Ali, AA; Furlong, F; McCarthy, HO; Ellis, IO; Green, AR; Rakha, E; Young, L; Kunkler, I; Thomas, J; Jack, W; Cameron, D; Jirström, K; Yakkundi, A; McClements, L; Martin, SG; Gallagher, WM; Dunn, J; Bartlett, J; O'Connor, D; Robson, T
1-Dec-2009Efficient mining of distance-based subspace clustersLiu, G; Sim, K; Li, J; Wong, L
1-Apr-2017EditorialDean, S; Williams, C; Balnaves, M
31-Mar-2011The Criminal Justice Response to Slavery and People Trafficking; Reparation; and Vulnerable Witness ProtectionBurn, JM; Simmons, F
28-Nov-2017Lay health epistemics and motivated information behaviors of new food technologyKim, S; Kim, J-N; Kim, SY
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