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2020-04-21Association Rule Learning Is an Easy and Efficient Method for Identifying Profiles of Traumas and Stressors that Predict Psychopathology in Disaster Survivors: The Example of Sri Lanka.Jayawickreme N; Atefi E; Jayawickreme E; Qin J; Gandomi AH
2018-11-01Effects of different support conditions on experimental bending strength of thin walled cold formed steel storage upright framesSaleh, A; Far, H; Mok, L
2019-05-04Looking for Maternity: Dress Collections and Embodied KnowledgeFisk, C
2018-12-04Comparative study of the linear superconductivity machine with different stator and winding configurationsWang, S; Liu, C; Wang, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2019-05-04Survival modelling of Australian politiciansWest M; Kachoyan B
2020-07-02A call to protect patients, correctional staff and healthcare professionals in jails and prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.Oladeru OT; Tran N-T; Al-Rousan T; Williams B; Zaller N
2020Leveraging Gait for People PerceptionCollart, Julien Claude Guy
2020-07-01Exploring developments in population size estimationBrown J; Bycroft C; Di Cecco D; Elleouet J; Powell G; Račinskij V; Smith P; Tam S-M; Tuoto T; Zhang L-C
2019-07-01Shared Nearest-Neighbor Quantum Game-Based Attribute Reduction with Hierarchical Coevolutionary Spark and Its Application in Consistent Segmentation of Neonatal Cerebral Cortical SurfacesDing, W; Lin, CT; Cao, Z
2019-07-01A Cross-Domain Recommender System with Kernel-Induced Knowledge Transfer for Overlapping EntitiesZhang, Q; Lu, J; Wu, D; Zhang, G
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