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2019-01-01The influence of contrasting microbial lifestyles on the pre-symbiotic metabolite responses of Eucalyptus grandis rootsWong, JWH; Lutz, A; Natera, S; Wang, M; Ng, V; Grigoriev, I; Martin, F; Roessner, U; Anderson, IC; Plett, JM
2019-06Root renovation: how an improved understanding of basic root biology could inform the development of elite crops that foster sustainable soil health.Wong, JW-H; Plett, JM
2019-09-30Vessels of Soft Power Going Out to Sea: Chinese Diasporic Media and the Politics of AllegianceSun, W
2020-05-25Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Japanese Fabrication and Advanced Digital ToolsMakki, M; Matsuoka, M; Ilic, A; Franceschini, L; Beneitez, J; Chronis, A; Wurzer, G; Lorenz, W; Herr, C; Pont, U; Cupkova, D; Wainer, G
2019-01-01Exploring the properties of pyrogenic carbon with solid state <sup>13</sup>C nuclear magnetic resonant spectroscopy: A combustion wind tunnel studySurawski, NC; Macdonald, LM; Baldock, JA; Sullivan, AL; Roxburgh, SH; Polglase, PJ
2019-01-01Carbonation of concrete using ferronickel slag as fine aggregateNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Castel, A
2019-07-01Travel Time Prediction System Based on Data Clustering for Waste Collection VehiclesCHEN, C-H; Hwang, FJ; KUNG, H-Y
2021-01-03Estimating the Vulnerability of Households to Rent IncreasesGe, XJ; Shilling, JD; Lee, JM; Van Nieuwerburgh, S
-The Influence of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Microbial Community Associated with Tetraselmis striata for Bio-Diesel ProductionKim, S-H; Kim, JH; Baek, SH; Kim, J-H; Ajani, PA; Park, BS; Han, M-S
2020-03-12Philanthropy, Celebrity and Governance in mainland China’Jeffreys, E; Latham, K
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