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2020-02-27Phosphate Adsorption by Silver Nanoparticles-Loaded Activated Carbon derived from Tea Residue.Trinh, VT; Nguyen, TMP; Van, HT; Hoang, LP; Nguyen, TV; Ha, LT; Vu, XH; Pham, TT; Nguyen, TN; Quang, NV; Nguyen, XC
2019-01Mesohaline conditions represent the threshold for oxidative stress, cell death and toxin release in the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa.Ross, C; Warhurst, BC; Brown, A; Huff, C; Ochrietor, JD
2019-07-01Truncated gradient confidence-weighted based online learning for imbalance streaming dataHu, J; Yan, C; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Peng, D; Yang, Y
2019-01-01Simultaneous HPTLC densitometric estimation of KBA and AKBA from Boswellia serrataMehta, M; Garg, M; Dua, K; Satija, S
2019-04A survey of infectious diseases and vaccination uptake in long-term hematopoietic stem cell transplant survivors in Australia.Dyer, G; Gilroy, N; Brice, L; Kabir, M; Gottlieb, D; Huang, G; Hogg, M; Brown, L; Greenwood, M; Larsen, SR; Moore, J; Hertzberg, M; Tan, J; Ward, C; Kerridge, I
2019Applying an Implementation Framework to the Use of Evidence from Economic Evaluations in Making Healthcare DecisionsMerlo, G; Page, K; Zardo, P; Graves, N
2019-04-01Use of health information technologies to obtain the best possible medication history - an experience in a psychiatry wardOliveira, J; Cabral, A; Almeida, F; Fernandez-Llimos, F; Caramona, MM; Figueiredo, IV
2019Yana NuraKinniburgh, J; Foster, S; Beasly, D
2019-04-22SecureCSearch: Secure Searching in PDF over Untrusted Cloud ServersShah, MD; Mohanty, M; Atrey, PK
2020-10Energy-efficient single-machine scheduling problem with controllable job processing times under differential electricity pricingTsao, Y-C; Thanh, V-V; Hwang, F-J
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