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2019-02-01Structural characterization of protein toxins from Australian snake venoms using native mass spectrometryHarrison, JA; Kelso, C; Padula, MP; Nicholson, GM; Beck, JL
2019-04-01RESPONDERS TO EXERCISE THERAPY IN PATIENTS WITH OSTEOARTHRITIS OF THE HIP: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSISTeirlinck, CH; Verhagen, AP; Reijneveld-van de Vendel, EA; Runhaar, J; van Middelkoop, M; Hermsen, L; de Groot, IB; Bierma-Zeinstra, SM
2015-01-01Chapter 12: Climate change law and policymaking: the utility of the Delphi methodGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
2019-10-02Standardisation, Diversification and New Ways of LivingReinmuth, G; Jackson, B
2019-01-01Marginalized average attentional network for weakly-supervised learningYuan, Y; Lyu, Y; Shen, X; Tsang, IW; Yeung, DY
2019-01-01The hunter River estuary water quality modelGlamore, W; Mitrovic, S; Ruprecht, J; Dafforn, K; Scanes, P; Ferguson, A; Rayner, D; Miller, B; Dieber, M; Tucker, T; Rahman, P; King, I
2019-07Qualitative analysis of domestic violence detection and response in a tertiary hospital.Baird, K; Carrasco, A; Gillespie, K; Boyd, A
2019-01-01Existence and exponential stability of solutions for quaternion-valued delayed hopfield neural networks by ξ-NormsWang, H; Wen, S
2019-04-02Topology optimization of metal and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) structures under loading uncertaintiesGao, Y; Xu, Y; Wu, C; Fang, J
2019-07-30Quasi-Static Rheological Properties of Lithium-Based Magnetorheological Grease under Large Deformation.Wang, H; Zhang, G; Wang, J
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