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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-06Prototype Similarity Learning for Activity RecognitionWang X; Lauw HW; Wong RC-W; Ntoulas A; Lim E-P; Ng S-K; Pan SJ
2020-05-13deposit test 8Gracey R
2020-05-18Seeing is Believing Splitting the Animated Space into Left and Right HemispheresGidney M; McGrath J; Robards A
2019-07-18Differential lung tissue gene expression in males and females: implications for the susceptibility to develop COPD.van den Berge M; Brandsma C-A; Faiz A; de Vries M; Rathnayake SNH; Paré PD; Sin DD; Bossé Y; Laviolette M; Nickle DC; Hao K; Obeidat M; Dragani TA; Colombo F; Timens W; Postma DS
2019-05-01Development of Omnidirectional CP Antennas and Arrays: InvitedLin W; Ziolkowski RW
2020-05-12The impact of family separation and worry about family upon psychological adjustment in refugees resettled in AustraliaFogden G; Berle D; Steel Z
2019-10-07Atomically Thin Boron Nitride as an Ideal Spacer for Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence.Gan W; Tserkezis C; Cai Q; Falin A; Mateti S; Nguyen M; Aharonovich I; Watanabe K; Taniguchi T; Huang F; Song L; Kong L; Chen Y; Li LH
2020Power and Strategies in the External Stakeholder Management of Megaprojects: A Circuitry FrameworkClegg S; Ninan J; Mahalingam A; Sankaran S
2019-01Current Update on Preclinical and Clinical Studies of Resveratrol, a Naturally Occurring Phenolic Compound.Samuel VP; Gupta G; Dahiya R; Jain DA; Mishra A; Dua K
2019-09-12Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Based Batteries: Advances and ProspectsZhou D; Shanmukaraj D; Tkacheva A; Armand M; Wang G
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