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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-07Recognizing animal personhood in compassionate conservationWallach AD; Batavia C; Bekoff M; Alexander S; Baker L; Ben-Ami D; Boronyak L; Cardilini APA; Carmel Y; Celermajer D; Coghlan S; Dahdal Y; Gomez JJ; Kaplan G; Keynan O; Khalilieh A; Kopnina H; Lynn WS; Narayanan Y; Riley S; Santiago-Ávila FJ; Yanco E; Zemanova MA; Ramp D
2020-05Strain-Induced Modification of the Optical Characteristics of Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Mendelson N; Doherty M; Toth M; Aharonovich I; Tran TT
2020Statistical strategies for the analysis of massive data sets.Hwang H; Ryan L
2020-07-03Strain engineering of two-dimensional multilayered heterostructures for beyond-lithium-based rechargeable batteries.Xiong P; Zhang F; Zhang X; Wang S; Liu H; Sun B; Zhang J; Sun Y; Ma R; Bando Y; Zhou C; Liu Z; Sasaki T; Wang G
2020Adaptive knowledge subgraph ensemble for robust and trustworthy knowledge graph completionWan G; Du B; Pan S; Wu J
2020-09-01Adaptive and Extensible Energy Supply Mechanism for UAVs-Aided Wireless-Powered Internet of ThingsWu P; Xiao F; Huang H; Sha C; Yu S
2020-10-08Trade-offs between effluent quality and ammonia volatilisation with CO2 augmented microalgal treatment of anaerobically digested food-waste centrate.Sutherland DL; Burke J; Ralph PJ
2020-02Super-Resolution Mapping of Single Nanoparticles inside Tumor Spheroids.Liu Y; Wang F; Lu H; Fang G; Wen S; Chen C; Shan X; Xu X; Zhang L; Stenzel M; Jin D
2020-09Storm events as key moments of microplastic contamination in aquatic ecosystems.Hitchcock JN
2020-04-01Sun-angle effects on remote-sensing phenology observed and modelled using himawari-8Ma X; Huete A; Tran NN; Bi J; Gao S; Zeng Y
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