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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-09Experimental and numerical study of elasto-inertial focusing in straight channels.Raoufi MA; Mashhadian A; Niazmand H; Asadnia M; Razmjou A; Warkiani ME
2019-12-01Improving Person Re-Identification Performance Using Body Mask Via Cross-Learning StrategyWu, J; Yao, L; Huang, Y; Xu, J; Wu, Q; Huang, L
2018-01-01Natural convection in a V-shaped cavityBhowmick, S; Xu, F; Saha, SC
2019-10-01Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism - Book ReviewSchofield-Georgeson, E
2020Discrete Laplacian Operator and Its Applications in Signal ProcessingWaheed W; Deng G; Liu B
2020-05-14Expanded practice Facilitating the integration of visual media, theatricality and sound technology into music performanceStevenson I; Encarnacao J; McPhee E; Encarnacao J; Blom D
2020-05-14Disciplinary perspectives on music performance through the lens of assessment criteriaStevenson I; Encarnacao J; Blom D
2020-07-30Developing a Design Thinking Mindset: Encouraging designerly ways in postgraduate business educationGroeger L; Schweitzer J; Melles GB
2012-08-14Single-cell sequencing analysis characterizes common and cell-lineage-specific mutations in a muscle-invasive bladder cancerLi, Y; Xu, X; Song, L; Hou, Y; Li, Z; Tsang, S; Li, F; Im, KM; Wu, K; Wu, H; Ye, X; Li, G; Wang, L; Zhang, B; Liang, J; Xie, W; Wu, R; Jiang, H; Liu, X; Yu, C; Zheng, H; Jian, M; Nie, L; Wan, L; Shi, M; Sun, X; Tang, A; Guo, G; Gui, Y; Cai, Z; Li, J; Wang, W; Lu, Z; Zhang, X; Bolund, L; Kristiansen, K; Wang, J; Yang, H; Dean, M
2019-12Does Tax Planning Affect Analysts' Forecast Accuracy?Francis JR; Neuman SS; Newton NJ
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