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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-28On Generalized Fuzzy Jensen-Exponential Divergence and Its Application to Pattern RecognitionVerma R; Merigó JM; Sahni M
2019Complex Networks in Software, Knowledge, and Social SystemsSavić M; Ivanović M; Jain LC
2015-08-05Design and testing for shape control of piezoelectric structures using topology optimizationLuo Q; Tong L
2016-10-01A study of mechanical peeling behavior in a junction assembled by two individual carbon nanotubesSui C; Luo Q; He X; Tong L; Zhang K; Zhang Y; Zhang Y; Wu J; Wang C
2019-08-01A Review of the Seven Modelling Approaches for Digital Ecosystem ArchitectureAnwar M; Gill A
2019Tele-improvisation: Intercultural Interaction in the Online Global Music Jam SessionMills R
2020-05-05Trajectories of hospital infection control: Using non-representational theory to understand and improve infection prevention and control.Hooker C; Hor S; Wyer M; Gilbert GL; Jorm C; Iedema R
2016-04-01An algorithm for eradicating the effects of void elements on structural topology optimization for nonlinear complianceLuo Q; Tong L
2019-01-01Tomography of quantum dots in a non-hermitian photonic chipWhite SJU; Wang K; Tran TT; Kianinia M; Titchener J; Gräfe M; Fischbach S; Rodt S; Song JD; Reitzenstein S; Aharonovich I; Sukhorukov AA; Szameit A; Solntsev AS
2014-01-01Mechanical characteristics of individual multi-layer graphene-oxide sheets under direct tensile loadingWang C; Peng Q; Wu J; He X; Tong L; Luo Q; Li J; Moody S; Liu H; Wang R; Du S; Li Y
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