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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Experimental Measure Of Dynamic Spatial-hole Burning In DFB LasersDarcie, T; Flynn, E
1998-07A lethal role for lipid A in Salmonella infections.Khan, SA; Everest, P; Servos, S; Foxwell, N; Zähringer, U; Brade, H; Rietschel, ET; Dougan, G; Charles, IG; Maskell, DJ
1997-08-21A simple light meter for measurements of PAR (400 to 700 nm) with fiber-optic microprobes: Application for P vs E<inf>0</inf>(PAR) measurements in a microbial matKühl, M; Lassen, C; Revsbech, NP
1999-06-01Effects of one-way spillovers on market shares, industry price, welfare, and R &amp; D cooperationAmir, R; Wooders, J
1993Faculty of Nursing Handbook - 1993University of Technology Sydney
1999-01On Certain Polynomials of Even Subscripted Lucas NumbersMelham, R; Howard, FT
1996-01A comparison of two quality-of-life questionnaires for cancer clinical trials: the functional living index--cancer (FLIC) and the quality of life questionnaire core module (QLQ-C30).King, MT; Dobson, AJ; Harnett, PR
1999-01-01Interpenetrating inclusion lattices: Comparison of the β-hydroquinone and ellipsoidal clathrate structuresBishop, R; Craig, DC; Dance, IG; Scudder, ML; Ung, AT
1995-01-01Sintering effects on the strength of hydroxyapatiteRuys, AJ; Wei, M; Sorrell, CC; Dickson, MR; Brandwood, A; Milthorpe, BK
1991-01-15Pertactin, an Arg-Gly-Asp-containing Bordetella pertussis surface protein that promotes adherence of mammalian cells.Leininger, E; Roberts, M; Kenimer, JG; Charles, IG; Fairweather, N; Novotny, P; Brennan, MJ
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