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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-01-01A nonparametric examination of market information: Application to technical trading rulesGoldbaum, D
1996-01-01Polymer crystallinity studied using Raman spectroscopyStuart, BH
1999-01Transdisciplinarity: A new Paradigm in a Climate of Educational ChangeJohnston, RR; Schuck, S; Brady, L; Deer, CE; Segal, G
1994-01-01A microwave applicator using a rectangular waveguide with two symmetrically placed double L septa for processing sheet materialsZhang, HZ; Mohan, AS; Beard, GE; Belcher, WR
1996-01-01An amperometric microsensor for the determination off H<inf>2</inf>S in aquatic environmentsJeroschewski, P; Steuckart, C; Kuhl, M
1999-12-01Language background and assessment in the physical sciencesLogan, P; Hazel, E
1995-01Purification to homogeneity and characterisation of rat brain recombinant nitric oxide synthaseRiveros-Moreno, V; Heffernan, B; Torres, B; Chubb, A; Charles, IG; Moncada, S
1998-01New Scenarios in Scholarly Publishing and DebateBuckingham Shum, S; Sumner, T; Eisenstadt, M; Vincent, T
1997-05-01Low-level c-myc amplification in human colonic carcinoma cell lines and tumors: A frequent, p53-independent mutation associated with improved outcome in a randomized multi-institutional trialAugenlicht, LH; Wadler, S; Corner, G; Richards, C; Ryan, L; Multani, AS; Pathak, S; Benson, A; Haller, D; Heerdt, BG
1996-01-01Statistical design aspects of the NTP/HEI Collaborative Study on the health effects of chronic ozone inhalationCatalano, PJ; Ryan, LM; Kaden, DA
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