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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Mainstreaming sustainable housing: policies and programs that workMcGee, CM; Partridge, EY; Carrard, NR; Milne, GR; Foliente, G; Luetzkendorf, T; Newton, P; Paevere, P
Jan-2008Costs and Benefits of a Green Village: Demonstrating Lochiel Park's ValueCarrard, NR; Chong, J; Atherton, AM; Mitchell, CA; Bishop, A; Donaldson, P; Wilson, M; Foliente, G; Luetzkendorf, T; Newton, P; Paevere, P
Jan-2009Transdisciplinarity: realising its potential to support effective postgraduate sustainability teaching and learningWilletts, JR; Carrard, NR; Herriman, J; Leal Filho, W
1-Jan-2009Non-government organisation engagement in the sanitation sector: Opportunities to maximise benefitsCarrard, N; Pedi, D; Willetts, J; Powell, B
Jan-2007Getting the basics right: Water and sanitation in South East Asia and the PacificMitchell, CA; Willetts, JR; Carrard, NR
1-Mar-2009Vitamin D, PTH and calcium levels in pregnant women and their neonatesBowyer, L; Catling-Paull, C; Diamond, T; Homer, C; Davis, G; Craig, ME
1-Apr-2009Advanced nursing practice: A global perspectiveDuffield, C; Gardner, G; Chang, AM; Catling-Paull, C
1-Dec-2008Management control systems as a package-Opportunities, challenges and research directionsMalmi, T; Brown, DA
Jan-2007Review of water supply-demand options for South East QueenslandTurner, AJ; Hausler, G; Carrard, NR; Kazaglis, A; White, S; Hughes, A; Johnson, T
Jan-2007Response to Queensland Water Commission Report 'Evaluation of ISF / Cardno report: Review of water supply-demand options for South East Queensland'White, S; Turner, AJ; Kazaglis, A; Carrard, NR
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