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2004-02Genetic background affects susceptibility in nonfatal pneumococcal bronchopneumonia.Preston JA; Beagley KW; Gibson PG; Hansbro PM
2006-01Identification of the insulin-like growth factor II receptor as a novel receptor for binding and invasion by Listeria monocytogenes.Gasanov U; Koina C; Beagley KW; Aitken RJ; Hansbro PM
2007-09Neonatal chlamydial infection induces mixed T-cell responses that drive allergic airway disease.Horvat JC; Beagley KW; Wade MA; Preston JA; Hansbro NG; Hickey DK; Kaiko GE; Gibson PG; Foster PS; Hansbro PM
2006-11Isolation of avian influenza viruses from two different transhemispheric migratory shorebird species in Australia.Hurt AC; Hansbro PM; Selleck P; Olsen B; Minton C; Hampson AW; Barr IG
2002-05-01I don't want to be a citizen if it means I have to watch the ABCMcKee A
2008-03Understanding the mechanisms of viral induced asthma: new therapeutic directions.Hansbro NG; Horvat JC; Wark PA; Hansbro PM
2007-01The positive and negative effects of pornography as attributed by consumersMcKee A
2009-03-10Healthy urban development checklist: a guide for health services when commenting on development policies, plans and proposalsManning C; Tirpak M; Rossiter S; Stoneham M; Prior JH; Whitehead A; Thackway S; Thornell M; Maxwell M; Sainsbury P
2005-01TreatyBrennan, S; Behrendt, LY; Strelein, L; Williams, G
2007-01Glueing it together: nurses, their work environment and patient safety.Duffield CM; Roche MA; O'Brien-Pallas L; Diers D; Aisbett C; King MT; Aisbett K; Hall JP
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