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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006An Australasian study of reading and comprehension skills in novice programmers, using the bloom and SOLO taxonomiesWhalley, JL; Lister, R; Thompson, E; Clear, T; Robbins, P; Ajith Kumar, PK; Prasad, C
15-Dec-2008Going SOLO to assess novice programmersSheard, J; Simon, B; Carbone, A; Thompson, E; Lister, R; Whalley, JL
1-Jan-2009Naturally occurring data as research instrument: Analyzing examination responses to study the novice programmerClear, T; Bouvier, DJ; Jacková, J; Robbins, P; Lister, R; Carter, P; Lopez, M; Seppälä, O; Simon; Eckerdal, A; McCartney, R; Thompson, E
3-Dec-2006Global englishes and transcultural flowsPennycook, A
1-Jan-2007The intersection of social capital and power: An application to rural communitiesOnyx, J; Edwards, M; Bullen, P
16-May-2007Global media discourse: A critical introductionMachin, D; van Leeuwen, T
1-Jan-2008'You make me feel like a woman': Therapeutic cultures and the contagion of femininitySwan, E
1-May-2009A security-aware metamodel for multi-agent systems (MAS)Beydoun, G; Low, G; Mouratidis, H; Henderson-Sellers, B
1-Jan-2008Assessment of phenologic variability in Amazon tropical rainforests using hyperspectral hyperion and MODIS satellite dataHuete, AR; Kim, Y; Ratana, P; Didan, K; Shimabukuro, YE; Miura, T
1-Jan-2008A technique for reflectance calibration of airborne hyperspectral spectrometer data using a broad, multiband radiometerMiura, T; Huete, AR; Ferreira, LG; Sano, EE; Yoshioka, H
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