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1-Jan-2015Hashtag biased ranking for keyword extraction from microblog postsLi, L; Su, C; Sun, Y; Xiong, S; Xu, G
1-Apr-2018A Joint Framework for QoS and QoE for Video Transmission over Wireless Multimedia Sensor NetworksUsman, M; Yang, N; Jan, MA; He, X; Xu, M; Lam, KM
Jan-2010Implementing organisational change using action research in two Asian culturesSankaran, S; Kumar, MR; Kardon, J
1-Jul-2012Natural occurrence of nocturnal hypoglycemia detection using hybrid particle swarm optimized fuzzy reasoning modelLing, SH; Nguyen, HT
5-Nov-2012The extended co-learning framework for robust object trackingGong, C; Liu, Y; Li, T; Yang, J; He, X
25-Jun-2012A submission to the Director, Criminal Law Review, NSW Department of Attorney General and Justice regarding the Statutory Review of Part 8 of the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act 2006Longman, CD; behrendt
20-Jul-2012Submission to the Commonwealth Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Low Aromatic Fuel (LAF) Bill 2012Longman, CD; behrendt
1-Jan-2018The Northern Powerhouse Meets the Cities and Local Growth Agenda: Local Economic Policymaking and Agglomeration in PracticeGray, N; Pugalis, L; Dickinson, D; Berry, C; Giovannini, A
1-Jun-2012Chinese acupuncture expert system (CAES)-a useful tool to practice and learn medical acupunctureLam, CFD; Leung, KS; Heng, PA; Lim, CED; Shun Wong, FW
1-Aug-2011Salmonella bongori provides insights into the evolution of the salmonellaeFookes, M; Schroeder, GN; Langridge, GC; Blondel, CJ; Mammina, C; Connor, TR; Seth-Smith, H; Vernikos, GS; Robinson, KS; Sanders, M; Petty, NK; Kingsley, RA; Bäumler, AJ; Nuccio, SP; Contreras, I; Santiviago, CA; Maskell, D; Barrow, P; Humphrey, T; Nastasi, A; Roberts, M; Frankel, G; Parkhill, J; Dougan, G; Thomson, NR
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