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2-Apr-2019Interventions for reducing and/or controlling domestic violence among pregnant women in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic reviewSapkota, D; Baird, K; Saito, A; Anderson, D
1-Jul-2019Optimization of a Convolutional Neural Network Using a Hybrid AlgorithmHuang, CL; Shih, YC; Lai, CM; Ying Chung, VY; Zhu, WB; Yeh, WC; He, X
1-Jan-2019Heat curing as a means of postprocessing influence on 3D printed mortar specimens in powderbased 3D printingShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G; Sanjayan, J; Aslani, F
1-Jan-2019An investigation into the effects of deposition orientation of material on the mechanical behaviours of the cementitious powder and gypsum powder in Inkjet 3D printingShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G
9-Oct-2019Effect of Elevated Temperatures as a Means of Curing in Inkjet 3D Printed Mortar SpecimensShakor, P; Nejadi, S; Paul, G
1-Dec-2019Finding the Balance between Profit and Purpose: Should Australia Create a Legal Structure for Social Enterprise?Klettner, A
1-Apr-2019Improvement of ride quality for patient lying in ambulance with a new hydro-pneumatic suspensionTan, B; Wu, Y; Zhang, N; Zhang, B; Chen, Y
13-Oct-2018Nanoemulsion-enabled oral delivery of novel anticancer ω-3 fatty acid derivativesPereira, GG; Rawling, T; Pozzoli, M; Pazderka, C; Chen, Y; Dunstan, CR; Murray, M; Sonvico, F
1-Apr-2018Monitoring the extent of vertical and lateral movement of human decomposition products through sediment using cholesterol as a biomarkerLuong, S; Forbes, SL; Wallman, JF; Roberts, RG
1-Dec-2019The Development of an International Oncofertility Competency Framework: A Model to Increase Oncofertility ImplementationAnazodo, A; Laws, P; Logan, S; Saunders, C; Travaglia, J; Gerstl, B; Bradford, N; Cohn, R; Birdsall, M; Barr, R; Suzuki, N; Takae, S; Marinho, R; Xiao, S; Chen, QH; Mahajan, N; Patil, M; Gunasheela, D; Smith, K; Sender, L; Melo, C; Almeida-Santos, T; Salama, M; Appiah, L; Su, I; Lane, S; Woodruff, TK; Pacey, A; Anderson, RA; Shenfield, F; Sullivan, E; Ledger, W
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