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2018-08-01Disentangling Climate and LAI Effects on Seasonal Variability in Water Use Efficiency Across Terrestrial Ecosystems in ChinaLi, Y; Shi, H; Zhou, L; Eamus, D; Huete, A; Li, L; Cleverly, J; Hu, Z; Harahap, M; Yu, Q; He, L; Wang, S
2018-04-01A layered beam element for modeling de-bonding of steel bars in concrete and its detection using static measurementsLiu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ
2018-02-25In situ growth of ZnO nanodots on carbon hierarchical hollow spheres as high-performance electrodes for lithium-ion batteriesYang, T; Liu, Y; Huang, Z; Liu, J; Bian, P; Ling, CD; Liu, H; Wang, G; Zheng, R
2017-08-23Enhanced word embedding similarity measures using fuzzy rules for query expansionLiu, Q; Huang, H; Lu, J; Gao, Y; Zhang, G
2015-06-29Optical properties and electronic structure of the Cu-Zn brassesKeast, VJ; Ewald, J; De Silva, KSB; Cortie, MB; Monnier, B; Cuskelly, D; Kisi, EH
2018-02-01Research and application of a combined model based on variable weight for short term wind speed forecastingLi, H; Wang, J; Lu, H; Guo, Z
2017-07-01pIP40a, a type 1 IncC plasmid from 1969 carries the integrative element GIsul2 and a novel class II mercury resistance transposonHarmer, CJ; Hamidian, M; Hall, RM
2017-11-15Do the plants in functional green walls contribute to their ability to filter particulate matter?Pettit, T; Irga, PJ; Abdo, P; Torpy, FR
2019-04-01Debonding detection in a carbon fibre reinforced concrete structure using guided wavesGiri, P; Kharkovsky, S; Zhu, X; Clark, SM; Samali, B
2018-01-29A decision-level fusion strategy for multimodal ocular biometric in visible spectrum based on posterior probabilityDas, A; Pal, U; Ferrer, MA; Blumenstein, M
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