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8-Sep-2010Transmitting hertzian optical nanoantenna with free-electron feedDenisyuk, AI; Adamo, G; MacDonald, KF; Edgar, J; Arnold, MD; Myroshnychenko, V; Ford, MJ; García De Abajo, FJ; Zheludev, NI
1-Jul-2017Quad-band antenna for GSM/WSN/WLAN/LTE-A application in IoT devicesTu, DTT; Ngoc, NT; Zhu, F; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E; Van Yem, V
1-Mar-2017Efficiency improvement of vehicle active suspension based on multi-objective integrated optimizationSun, W; Li, Y; Huang, J; Zhang, N
1-Sep-2019Long-term subsidence in Mexico City from 2004 to 2018 revealed by five synthetic aperture radar sensorsDu, Z; Ge, L; Ng, AHM; Zhu, Q; Zhang, Q; Kuang, J; Dong, Y
1-Sep-2018Assisted natural recovery of hypersaline sediments: salinity thresholds for the establishment of a community of bioturbating organismsRemaili, TM; Simpson, SL; Bennett, WW; King, JJ; Mosley, LM; Welsh, DT; Jolley, DF
13-Oct-2017Semi-active control of magnetorheological elastomer base isolation system utilising learning-based inverse modelGu, X; Yu, Y; Li, J; Li, Y
1-Dec-2017On tree-preserving constraintsKong, S; Li, S; Li, Y; Long, Z
1-Jan-2015Altered Innate Immune Responses in Neutrophils from Patients with Well- and Suboptimally Controlled AsthmaTang, FSM; Foxley, GJ; Gibson, PG; Burgess, JK; Baines, KJ; Oliver, BG
1-Oct-2010Spectrally selective coatings of gold nanorods on architectural glassStokes, NL; Edgar, JA; McDonagh, AM; Cortie, MB
22-Dec-2017Corrigendum: Development and validation of a prognostic model for predicting 30-day mortality risk in medical patients in emergency department (ED)Ha, DT; Dang, TQ; Tran, NV; Pham, TNT; Nguyen, ND; Nguyen, TV
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