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1996-11Role of the Bordetella pertussis P.69/pertactin protein and the P.69/pertactin RGD motif in the adherence to and invasion of mammalian cells.Everest, P; Li, J; Douce, G; Charles, I; De Azavedo, J; Chatfield, S; Dougan, G; Roberts, M
1996Contingency planning models for Government agenciesSwaminathan, Raji
1996Structured graphs : a visual formalism for scalable graph based tools & its application to software structured analysisSifer, Mark John
1996-05-16Ly-6C<sup>+</sup> natural T (NT) cells mediate immune surveillance against NK-sensitive and NK-resistant transplantable tumours in certain strains of miceMartiniello, R; Burton, RC; Smart, YC
1996-01-01Fast Computation of Auxiliary Quantities in Local Polynomial RegressionTurlach, BA; Wand, MP
1996-12-01Purification and characterisation of 6 and 58 kDa forms of the endogenous serine proteinase inhibitory proteins of ovine articular cartilageRodgers, KJ; Melrose, J; Ghosh, P
1996-02-27Molecular cloning and structural organization of the human inducible nitric oxide synthase gene (NOS2).Xu, W; Charles, IG; Liu, L; Moncada, S; Emson, P
1996-12-01Design of multiple binary outcome studies with intentionally missing dataWilliams, P; Ryan, L
1996-12-01A generalized dynamic circuit model of magnetic cores for low- and high-frequency applications - Part II: Circuit model formulation and implementationHui, SYR; Zhu, JG; Ramsden, VS
1996-07-08Dominant risk factors for retinopathy at clinical diagnosis in patients with type II diabetes mellitusNguyen, HT; Luzio, SD; Dolben, J; West, J; Beck, L; Coates, PA; Owens, DR
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