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2009-01English for community membership: planning for actual and potential needsDe Silva Joyce, HC; Hood, S; Diane Belcher
2009-01-10Freezing skeletal muscle tissue does not affect its decomposition in soil: Evidence from temporal changes in tissue mass, microbial activity and soil chemistry based on excised samplesStokes, KL; Forbes, SL; Tibbett, M
2009-05-27Developing a more research-oriented and participant-directed learning culture in the Australian environment movementYoung, G
2009-06-25Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of Apple Computer 1977-1984 (MA thesis)Stein, JA; Golec, M
2009-04-01Randomised-controlled trial of two antenatal education programmesSvensson, J; Barclay, L; Cooke, M
2009团队管理是解决中国家族企业管理障碍的有效方法之一―――以葵花药业的团队建设为例 = Using team management to overcome management obstacles in Chinese family enterprises : a case study of Kuihua pharmaceutical co.Liu, TW
2009The role of intron 1 in MDR1 regulation in drug resistant cancer cellsByrne, M
2009-06-15'Is it normal to feel these questions...?': A content analysis of the health concerns of adolescent girls writing to a magazineKang, M; Cannon, B; Remond, L; Quine, S
2009-11-30Improved measurement of three-dimensional magnetic properties of SMC materialLi, Y; Yang, Q; Wang, Y; Sun, J; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Lin, Z; Xu, W
2009Sexual dimorphism in southeast Asian crania: a geometric morphometric approach.Green, H; Curnoe, D
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