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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Activation-Inhibition-Based Data Highways for Wireless Sensor NetworksMiorandi, D; Lowe, DB; Gomez, KM; Altman, E; Carrera, I; El-Azouzi, R; Hart, E
2010Worlds apart? Developing a professional competency assessment framework that links university education with ‘real world’ practices in the Construction Management and NursingSimmons, C; Williams, A; Levett-Jones, T; Sher, W; Bowen, L; Gu, N
Jan-2010Photosharing on Flickr:intangible heritage and emergent politicsGarduno Freeman, C
Jan-2010Designing the structure for Australia's health system. Occasional Paper 2010 Number 1Hall, JP
Jan-2010Death By Inertia - Native Title in the Twenty-First CenturyWatson, N; Andrew Gunstone
Jan-2010Study of Flow Structure over the Ripples in the Bed of Open ChannelKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Hedayat, N; Barals, J; Callaos, N; Carrasquero, JV; Chu, HW; Eshraghian, K; Ferrer, J; Fonseca, D; Hashimoto, S; Holmqvist, M; Imai, M; Jastroch, N; Lesso, W; Malpica, F; McEachron, D; Oropeza, A; Pineda, JM; Sanchez, B; Sanchez, M; Savoie, MJ; Tremante, A; Welsch, F; Zinn, CD
Jan-2010Methods for Estimating Internal Erosion in Embankment DamsKhan, A; Khan, EU; Nasir, AB; Khabbaz, H; Kibria, S; Qureshi, HM; Rana, AM
Jan-2010Where the Games never cease: The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, SwitzerlandAdair, D; Girginov, V
Jan-2010Whose Whiteness? Cultural Dis-Locations between Italy and AustraliaGiulani, G; Jospeh Pugliese
Jan-2010A competitive game-based method for brainstorming and evaluating early stage design ideas in terms of their likelihood of success in the marketplaceBarker, T; Durling, D; Bousbaci, R; Chen, L; Gauthier, P; Poldma, T; Roworth-Stokes, S; Stolterman, E
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