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2015Long Bay : prison, abortion and women of the working classSweetapple, EJ
2015-06-06Genetic variants of SLC11A1 are associated with both autoimmune and infectious diseases: Systematic review and meta-analysisArcher, NS; Nassif, NT; O'Brien, BA
2015Planning and Regulatory Issues Impacting Sustainable Property DevelopmentChristensen, PH; Sayce, S; Wilkinson, S; Sayce, S; Christensen, PH
2015-09-14Achieving growth-quality of work life ambidexterity in small firmsSnell, L; Sok, P; Danaher, TS
2015-04-08Adsorptive removal of heavy metals from water using sodium titanate nanofibres loaded onto GAC in fixed-bed columnsSounthararajah, DP; Loganathan, P; Kandasamy, J; Vigneswaran, S
2015-08-01CFTR inactivation by lentiviral vector-mediated RNA interference and CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing in human airway epithelial cellsBellec, J; Bacchetta, M; Losa, D; Anegon, I; Chanson, M; Nguyen, TH
2015-08-28Climate change law and policymaking: The utility of the Delphi methodGuglyuvatyy, E; Stoianoff, NP
2015-05-01Visualising substrate-fingermark interactions: Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of amino acid reagent development on cellulose substratesSpindler, X; Shimmon, R; Roux, C; Lennard, C
2015-01-01Electroluminescence from Localized Defects in Zinc Oxide: Toward Electrically Driven Single Photon Sources at Room TemperatureChoi, S; Berhane, AM; Gentle, A; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR; Aharonovich, I
2015-03-30Evolved gas analysis during thermal degradation of salbutamol sulphateSonvico, F; Coleman, V; Traini, D; Young, PM
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