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12-May-2015Coral symbiotic algae calcify ex hospite in partnership with bacteriaFrommlet, JC; Sousa, ML; Alves, A; Vieira, SI; Suggett, DJ; Serôdio, J
1-Sep-2015Midwives' experiences of caring for women with female genital mutilation: Insights and ways forward for practice in AustraliaDawson, AJ; Turkmani, S; Varol, N; Nanayakkara, S; Sullivan, E; Homer, CSE
1-Jan-2015Evidence to inform education, training and supportive work environments for midwives involved in the care of women with female genital mutilation: A review of global experienceDawson, A; Turkmani, S; Fray, S; Nanayakkara, S; Varol, N; Homer, C
1-Jun-2015Conflict, militarization, and their after-effects: Key challenges for TESOLNelson, CD; Appleby, R
8-Oct-2015The role of men in abandonment of female genital mutilation: A systematic reviewVarol, N; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Hall, J; Dawson, A
1-Jan-2015Model predictive control of grid-connected inverters for PV systems with flexible power regulation and switching frequency reductionHu, J; Zhu, J; Dorrell, DG
7-May-2015A new Preisach type hysteresis model of high temperature superconductorsDuan, N; Xu, W; Wang, S; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
4-Nov-2015Designing adaptive integral sliding mode control for heart rate regulation during cycle-ergometer exercise using bio-feedbackArgha, A; Su, SW; Nguyen, H; Celler, BG
1-Nov-2015The Potential of the Double Debye Parameters to Discriminate between Basal Cell Carcinoma and Normal SkinTruong, BCQ; Tuan, HD; Wallace, VP; Fitzgerald, AJ; Nguyen, HT
1-Jan-20153D buffer zone creation method of urban rail transitZhang, WS; Xie, Q; Zhu, JJ; Zhang, BZ; Ji, Q; Li, JC
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