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2019-12-01Pathways to diagnosis of non-small cell lung cancer: a descriptive cohort studyPurdie, S; Creighton, N; White, KM; Baker, D; Ewald, D; Lee, CK; Lyon, A; Man, J; Michail, D; Miller, AA; Tan, L; Currow, D; Young, JM
2019-04-18Glucose screening within six months postpartum among Chinese mothers with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus: A prospective cohort studyLiu, ZY; Zhao, JJ; Gao, LL; Wang, AY
2019-01-01Assessing vertical accuracy and the impact of water surface elevation from different DEM datasetsMokhtar, ES; Pradhan, B; Ghazali, AH; Shafri, HZM
2019A Predictive Analysis of Electronic Healthcare Records for Stroke SymptomsChantamit-o-pas, Pattanapong
2019-12-01Association between Galectin-3 levels within central and peripheral venous blood, and adverse left ventricular remodelling after first acute myocardial infarctionAndrejic, OM; Vucic, RM; Pavlovic, M; McClements, L; Stokanovic, D; Jevtovic–Stoimenov, T; Nikolic, VN
2019-01-01Business intelligence: How sport scientists can support organization decision making in professional sportWard, P; Windt, J; Kempton, T
2019-07-01There must be another way: Non-traditional Teaching Methods in the International Handbook on Teaching and Learning EconomicsTse, H
2019-08-15A novel model order reduction scheme for fast and accurate material nonlinear analyses of large-scale engineering structuresLi, W; Ma, H
2019An Australian perspective on talent identification and development in soccerBennett, Kyle James Madden
2019Differential vulnerability and adaptive responses to climate change-related hazards in informal urban settlements in Accra, GhanaAdams, Ishmael
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