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1-Jan-2019Recent advances in transition metal-based electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolutionChen, Z; Duan, X; Wei, W; Wang, S; Ni, BJ
1-Jan-2019Numerical and Physical Modeling of the Effect of Roughness Height on Cavitation Index in Chute SpillwaysSamadi-Boroujeni, H; Abbasi, S; Altaee, A; Fattahi-Nafchi, R
16-Jul-2019The Kermanshah Acute Coronary Syndrome Registry: Rational and DesignSiabani, H; Davidson, P; Siabani, S; Gholizadeh, L; Karim, H; Najafi, F; Hamzeh, H; Saeidi, MR; Babakhani, M; Asadmobini, A
14-Aug-2019Epidemiology of congenital heart defects in Iran: A systematic reviewGholizadeh, L; Siabani, H; Siabani, S
1-Jan-2019Human ecology and food discourses in a smallholder agricultural system in Leyte, The PhilippinesDavila, F
19-Nov-2019Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Medication Reviews Conducted by Pharmacists on Cardiovascular Diseases Risk Factors in Ambulatory CareMartínez-Mardones, F; Fernandez-Llimos, F; Benrimoj, SI; Ahumada-Canale, A; Plaza-Plaza, JC; S Tonin, F; Garcia-Cardenas, V
1-Jan-2019"If i knew what i was doing on Twitter then i would use it more": Twitter experiences and networks of people with traumatic brain injury (TBI)Brunner, M; Palmer, S; Togher, L; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
1-Mar-2019Expanding the role of social science in conservation through an engagement with philosophy, methodology, and methodsMoon, K; Blackman, DA; Adams, VM; Colvin, RM; Davila, F; Evans, MC; Januchowski-Hartley, SR; Bennett, NJ; Dickinson, H; Sandbrook, C; Sherren, K; St. John, FAV; van Kerkhoff, L; Wyborn, C
1-Apr-2019Attitude of pregnant women towards Normal delivery and factors driving use of caesarian section in Iran (2016)Siabani, S; Jamshidi, K; Mohammadi, MM
1-May-2019Transmission Power Adjustment Scheme for Mobile Beacon-Assisted Sensor LocalizationRezazadeh, J; Moradi, M; Sandrasegaran, K; Farahbakhsh, R
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