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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Depth Map Enhancement by Revisiting Multi-scale Intensity Guidance within Coarse-to-fine StagesZuo Y; Fang Y; Yang Y; Shang X; Wu Q
2019-01-01Semi-automatic control of network systems with non-monotonic Lyapunov functionTran, T; Ha, QP
2019-12-01Fusing binary interface defects in topological phases: The Z/pZ caseBridgeman JC; Barter D; Jones C
2019-12-01Cough in lung cancer: A survey of current practice among Australian health professionalsLuckett, T; Phillips, J; Currow, DC; Agar, M; Molassiotis, A
2019-12-01Long-Term Monitoring of Transformation from Pastoral to Agricultural Land Use Using Time-Series Landsat Data in the Feija Basin (Southeast Morocco)Lamqadem, AA; Saber, H; Pradhan, B
2019-09-01Motor-reduced visual perception and visual–motor integration of Chinese-speaking children with dyslexiaLai, MY; Carson, K
2019-11-01Advanced cancer patient preferences for return of molecular profiling resultsBest, M; Butow, P; Juraskova, I; Savard, J; Meiser, B; Goldstein, D; Ballinger, M; Jacobs, C; Bartley, N; Davies, G; Thomas, D; Biesecker, B; Tucker, K; Schlub, TE; Newson, A
2019-11-01Clinicians’ Perspectives on Cure in Adult Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Minimal Residual Disease: A Delphi StudyGidman, W; Shah, S; Zhang, L; McKendrick, J; Cong, Z; Cohan, D; Ottmann, O
2019Sexing the Animal in a Post-Humanist World A Critical Feminist ApproachAppleby, R
2019-01-01High-T<inf>c</inf> Superconducting Fourth-Harmonic Mixer Using a Dual-Band Terahertz On-Chip Antenna of High Coupling EfficiencyGao, X; Du, J; Zhang, T; Guo, YJ
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