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2021-01Employing the synergistic effect between aquaporin nanostructures and graphene oxide for enhanced separation performance of thin-film nanocomposite forward osmosis membranesAkther, N; Sanahuja-Embuena, V; Górecki, R; Phuntsho, S; Helix-Nielsen, C; Shon, HK
2021-03-31Advance research directives: A qualitative study of dementia researchers’ views on a prototype directive and implementation strategiesRies, N; Mansfield, E
2021-05-03Conceptualizing Interprofessional Working – When a Lawyer Joins the Healthcare MixRies, N
2021-01-01Modelling the impact of phytoplankton cell size and abundance on inherent optical properties (IOPs) and a remotely sensed chlorophyll-a productLaiolo, L; Matear, R; Soja-Woźniak, M; Suggett, DJ; Hughes, DJ; Baird, ME; Doblin, MA
2021-01-01Heuristics for flights arrival scheduling at airportsAhmadian, MM; Salehipour, A
2021Reframing failure and the Indigenous doctoral journeyDe Santolo, J; Fam, D; O'Rouke, M
2021-01-01Interpreting the link value of similarity scores between illicit drug specimens through a dual approach, featuring deterministic and Bayesian frameworks.Popovic, A; Morelato, M; Roux, C; Beavis, A
2021-01-26Application of Plasma-Printed Paper-Based SERS Substrate for Cocaine Detection.Alder, R; Hong, J; Chow, E; Fang, J; Isa, F; Ashford, B; Comte, C; Bendavid, A; Xiao, L; Ostrikov, KK; Fu, S; Murphy, AB
2021-03-15Utilization of plasma in water desalination and purificationEkanayake, UGM; Barclay, M; Seo, DH; Park, MJ; MacLeod, J; O'Mullane, AP; Motta, N; Shon, HK; Ostrikov, K
2021-08-01Something Is Happening OutsideAudisho, E
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