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2021-01-01Exploring the Knowledge Spillovers of a Technology in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – The Case of Artificial Intelligence in SydneyCetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Lammers, T; Zhang, Y
2021-01-03Estimating the Vulnerability of Households to Rent IncreasesGe XJ; Shilling JD; Lee JM; Van Nieuwerburgh S
2021-06-01Comparison of the effect of ASR deterioration on the load carrying capacity of concrete structural elements in accelerated laboratory tests and in the fieldGowripalan N; Cao J; Sirivivatnanon V; South W
2021Sustainable Finance and Stewardship: Unlocking Stewardship's Sustainability PotentialKlettner A; Katelouzou D; Katelouzou D; Puchniak D
2021-06-01The Right Metrics for Marketing-Mix DecisionsMintz O; Gilbride T; Currim I; Lenk P
2021-01-01The West Gate Collapse: How Disaster HappensGregson S; Humphrys E; Sheldon P; Gregson S; Lansbury R; Sanders K
2021-01-01When Manufacturing Workers Make Sculpture: Creative Pathways in the Context of Australian DeindustrialisationStein JA
2021-01-01Inkjet printing of graphene oxide and dopamine on nanofiltration membranes for improved anti-fouling properties and chlorine resistanceWang C; Park MJ; Seo DH; Shon HK
2021-01-01Facile synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-CN composites for enhanced photoactivity under UV–visible spectrumHossain SM; Park H; Kang HJ; Mun JS; Tijing L; Rhee I; Kim JH; Jun YS; Shon HK
2021-01Forward osmosis with direct contact membrane distillation using tetrabutylphosphonium p-toluenesulfonate as an effective and safe thermo-recyclable osmotic agent for seawater desalinationZeweldi HG; Bendoy AP; Park MJ; Shon HK; Johnson EM; Kim H-S; Kim H; Chung W-J; Nisola GM
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