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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-07Using action learning to support mobile pedagogies: the role of facilitationMaher D; Schuck S
2019-02-15Synthesis of polybenzimidazole (PBI) forward osmosis (FO) membrane and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of concentration gradient across membrane surfaceAkther N; Daer S; Wei Q; Janajreh I; Hasan SW
2020-02-14Effect of H3O+ on the Structure and Dynamics of Water at the Interface with Phospholipid Bilayers.Deplazes E; Sarrami F; Poger D
2020-08-24Bowen Family Systems Theory: Mapping a framework to support critical care nurses' well-being and care quality.Jakimowicz S; Perry L; Lewis J
2020Potential application of membrane capacitive deionisation for bromide removal in seawater desalinationDorji, Pema
2019-01-01Structure, stability and water adsorption on ultra-thin TiO<inf>2</inf> supported on TiNGutiérrez Moreno, JJ; Fronzi, M; Lovera, P; O'Riordan, A; Ford, MJ; Li, W; Nolan, M
2020-11Production optimisation of Tisochrysis lutea as a live feed for juvenile Sydney rock oysters, Saccostrea glomerata, using large-scale photobioreactorsLeal E; de Beyer L; O'Connor W; Dove M; Ralph PJ; Pernice M
2020-10-29Patenting activity or innovative originality?Bedford A; Ma L; Ma N; Vojvoda K
-Immersive media practices in the classroom: models of the teaching research nexus in an Australian contextDooley K; Bender S; Ferris G; Frankham B; Munt A; Schleser M
2020Classification of stroke disease using machine learning algorithmsGovindarajan P; Soundarapandian RK; Gandomi AH; Patan R; Jayaraman P; Manikandan R
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