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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-04Comparative study of the linear superconductivity machine with different stator and winding configurationsWang, S; Liu, C; Wang, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
2019-05-04Survival modelling of Australian politiciansWest M; Kachoyan B
2020-04Breaking the barriers between intelligence, investigation and evaluation: A continuous approach to define the contribution and scope of forensic science.Baechler S; Morelato M; Gittelson S; Walsh S; Margot P; Roux C; Ribaux O
2020-01-01Training for team-based care: Development of a continuing education curriculum for general practice pharmacists in australiaBenson H; Lucas C; Woulfe J; Williams KA
2020-06-10Renewable Energy Employment in Australia: MethodologyRutovitz J; Briggs C; Dominish E; Nagrath K
2020-10-09Blood-brain barrier-penetrating siRNA nanomedicine for Alzheimer's disease therapy.Zhou Y; Zhu F; Liu Y; Zheng M; Wang Y; Zhang D; Anraku Y; Zou Y; Li J; Wu H; Pang X; Tao W; Shimoni O; Bush AI; Xue X; Shi B
2020-01-01See Clearly in the Distance: Representation Learning GAN for Low Resolution Object RecognitionXi Y; Zheng J; Jia W; He X; Li H; Ren Z; Lam KM
2020-07-01Charge and energy transfer of quantum emitters in 2D heterostructuresXu ZQ; Mendelson N; Scott JA; Li C; Abidi IH; Liu H; Luo Z; Aharonovich I; Toth M
2020-07-02A call to protect patients, correctional staff and healthcare professionals in jails and prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.Oladeru OT; Tran N-T; Al-Rousan T; Williams B; Zaller N
2020-12-01Ballistic performance of multi-layered aluminium and UHMWPE fibre laminate targets subjected to hypervelocity impact by tungsten alloy ballQu K; Wu C; Liu J; Yao Y; Deng Y; Yi C
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